excerpts from mud shadows- juan matus

excerpts from pages 224-228 chapter mud shadows

the flyer or foreign installation

we have the flyers’ mind

more is the pity. but matus explains to carlos how to get rid of it.

the crucial text of all castaneda and matus’ combined work

JAGUAR JUNE 17th 2019



”THIS PREDATOR” don juan said ”which, of course, is an inorganic being , is not altogether invisible to us,

as other inorganic beings are.

i think as children we do see it and decide it’s so horrific that we don’t want to think about it. children, of course, could insist on

focusing on the sight, but everyone else around them dissuades them from doing so.

”the only alternative left for mankind”, he contined, ” is discipline.

Discipline is the only deterrent. But by discipline i don’t mean harsh routines. I don’t mean waking up every morning at five-thirty and throwing cold water on yourself until you’re blue.

Sorcerers understand discipline as the capacity to face with serenity odds that are not included in our expectations.

For them, discipline is an art: the art of facing infinity without

flinching, not because they are strong and tough but because they are filled with awe.”

”In what way would the sorcerers’ discipline be a deterrent?” I asked.

”SORCERERS say that discipline makes the glowing coat of awareness unpalatable to the flyer,” don Juan said, scrutinizing my face as if to discover any signs of disbelief.

”The result is that the predators become bewildered. An inedible glowing coat of awareness is not part of their cognition I suppose. After being bewildered, they don’t have any recourse other than refraining from continuing their nefarious task.”

”If the predators don’t eat our glowing coat of awareness for a while”, he went on ”it’ll keep on growing.